introducing HALBERG. support people to find their own identity in the way of creativity is a day-to-day task.

The affinity for design, minimalism and modern architecture is the daily drive for Halberg in the development and expression of eye-catching products. This is how Halberg was defined from the first day. The brand was established in May, 2017. With this drive, we’re creating our style. This style wasn’t new, but for sure it wasn’t admired enough as it should be. We took the task to highlight it and grab the attention of the daily customer. We express this mainly in creating and designing bags and backpacks of different The acknowledgment for the our taste and the fact to have an eye for aesthetics is increasing our believe in what we do.

brandmarks and perspectives.

If you zoom in the details of our items, you will see a balanced mixture of clean fabrics and minimalistic shapes. On one hand this combination is so natural and understood, on the other it is astonishing again. At Halberg we don’t claim to reinvent the wheel. But we are convinced that we show it from new perspective, which are based upon modern architecture and creativity.

Our journey is not limited.

In 2017 we started to design backpacks. The first backpack was the Gothenburg I, released in the end of 2017. A backpack which was popular regarding the design. Since then our journey began in sourcing of new fabrics, constructions and manufactories. After a long search, our first collection was released in 2020. Within this collection was the Gothenburg II, an improved backpack of its forerunner. Our visions and ideas are not limited only to bags… we love creativity in all its shapes.